How Home Safety Is Being Revolutionized by AI Smart Home Devices

How Home Safety Is Being Revolutionized by AI Smart Home Devices Artificial intelligence (AI) has gradually been taking on a greater and greater role in modern life, both personally and professionally. Stronger, more efficient AI is finding a variety of new applications every year, included in everything from on-demand app development to data collection. That’s |Read More|

Are Smart Thermostats Worth The Investment?

You’ve heard about “smart” thermostats and how they are revolutionizing homes around the world. But are they really worth it? Do they provide that many advantages over traditional thermostats? And is it really worth spending the money and time replacing your current thermostats with smart ones? We’re going to break it down for you. How |Read More|

Paying for Alzheimer’s Care: Medicare, Medicaid, and Other Options

When families hear a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, they know long-term care is inevitable. And while many families would prefer to provide that care themselves as family caregivers, they understand the needs of an Alzheimer’s disease patient are too great to be met at home. That means eventually, their loved one will have to move |Read More|

4 Tips for Using Exercise to Better Your Posture

Good posture is like eating your vegetables. You know it’s important and can help with your overall health and wellbeing but you may not know exactly how it helps or how to implement those habits into your everyday life. Attaining good posture is similar to creating any healthy habit — it requires focus and energy |Read More|

5 Tips to Help Caregivers Care for Alzheimer Patients Struggling with Addiction

Part of caring for patients with Alzheimer’s is understanding their background. Being able to have a simple case history of their previous years, their interests, hobbies, or even their personal struggles can help in the process of health maintenance and recovery. Many would often categorize Alzheimer’s patients in one cookie-cutter profile, but a few would |Read More|